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Welcome to STEAM Hive!

Education is an important medium for acquiring essential knowledge and skills. It is more than just learning from books. It is an effort of the older generation to transfer their life wisdom to their offsprings. Our world is constantly changing and developing so it is very important to teach and bring up intelligent people who could understand the problems of modern society and solve them in a proper way.

It is said that education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Education plays a vital role, it lays the foundation for our future. Modern education is liberal, open, and exoteric. It is based on humanity, freedom, equity, democracy, and human rights. Education is the key ingredient in the conservation of human rights.

  • Society for education and training.
  • We concentrate on motor skills and e-learning.
  • Improved academic performances.
  • Proper decision making.
  • Boosts up self-esteem.


Our journey of 2 years got a huge response.

We are a family of 1500 students comprising of different creative identities. We provide a sound knowledge of creativity in every field. Creative cannot be constricted within four walls, join us and enjoy the faculties that our students get to spread up their innovation.

STEAM Hive is the creative learning academy. Our teachers and professionals are trained to preach education and learning. They encourage you to come up with your innovative ideas. We are now a family of 1500 happy and satisfied students seeking the best. Our infrastructure comprises of the following things that enables us to be the best.

  • Spacious classrooms with proper network connection.
  • High-quality e-learning content.
  • Regular mock tests for better upgradation.
  • Placement after education and training.
  • Audio-video classes, corporate e-learning.


We feel proud to announce that we are now a family of 100000 happy faces who are satisfied to seek the best in creative education from STEAM Hive.

Our creative process can be divided into 3 stages: preparation, incubation, and verification. We take full responsibility for the betterment of our students in the particular field he/she chooses.

Starting from preparation of the lessons involved, we also concentrate in the student’s incubation of his/her own creative knowledge. Every student has his/her own pace to learn, understand, and produce.

  • We verify well the innovation and motivate their creative skills.
  • We offer the best version of creative learning.
  • Many of our alumni are well settled.
  • We provide placement after course completion.
  • Expert advice are always available.


STEAM Hive is an institution of creative learning since 1999.

Our journey of 13 years has gained many happy clients. We have a great number of well settled alumni who received their placement from STEAM Hive. 1000s of happy and satisfied students shows our success.

We work upon the upliftment of the creative knowledge that is already within you. Join us and invent your creative side. Be the unique among the common mass. Courses we offer are:

  • We enlighten the creative genius within you.
  • Graphic and content design.
  • Creative fashion designing and makeover courses.
  • Creative interior decoration classes.
  • Film-making 2D,3D courses.


Welcome to STEAM Hive, the ultimate centre of creative learning. We are a family of 500000.

Learn, educate and experience the new dimension of creative learning. Explore the best in you.If you are looking for an institute which promises a bright future, STEAM Hive is the correct place for you.

Our journey begun in 1999, till date we have reached fame in terms of creativity and establishing students in the creative field. Your creative development is our main concern.

  • Our alumni are well established
  • 100% placement after completion of course
  • Special facilities offered
  • We cover a vast area of creative courses.
  • help-lines are active 24x7
Year Of Experience
We are an experienced creative learning centre serving students for their development and upliftment for the last 23 years.
Number of Teachers
STEAM Hive creative learning academy comprises of 59 experienced teachers who provide the best guidance.
Professional Awards
Over years we are been able to receive massive support, love and respect in terms of awards.
Satisfied Students
We love when satisfied students provide their reviews regarding us. Registered testimonials are provided showing their love and support.
You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money in STEAM Hive creative education center, the institution brings out the best in you in terms of education and learning. This is the best place for creative students’ education and training, making their own individual identity. Have faith in yourself and go ahead with STEAM Hive learning pathway.
Donald Simpson
Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems
STEAM Hive is an educational training institution for people who want to create a world of their own. Their objective is to help students achieve their dreams in the simplest and convenient way. Join the fascinating journey of e-learning and explore your skills.
Donald Simpson
Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems
STEAM Hive provides you with one of the finest corporate e-learning courses. Such an efficient streamlined way to achieve creative learning is their main goal. It is like getting the best in class education from the best creative minds.
Donald Simpson
Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems


Why choose us?
STEAM Hive is the learning pathway of beginners in creative learning. Our learning education programs help students to understand and upgrade their creative skills. The creative courses enhances their skills.
Qualified Experts

We recruit qualified as well as certified experts from different parts of the world willing to join us. Our expert team ensures the right education and training for students to help them improve.

Quick Access to The Teachers

Our teachers and qualified experts are always ready to help. Our online helpline provides a quick access to them.

What courses are involved under designing category?

Online design course involves graphic designing, fashion and makeover, interior decoration. Learning design online is a great opportunity for students all over the world. Our creative learning academy is well known for this.

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Microsoft Certified

Amazon Certified

Google Certified

Microsoft Certified

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